Monday August 4, 2003

Hope you're ready for a bunch of photos... We're starting to heat the shutter up now, I say we because I've got Eva on the back of my bike  allowing us some beautiful shots while traveling through some extremely picturesque countryside. Thanks Eva for all of the "rolling" shots! The pages for this days photos are a little out of order because my camera reached 9900 shots and started counting at 1 again. The trip starts at our room at Rapid City, SD, to "The Devil's Tower" a huge rock formation in Wyoming (Wyoming is our eleventh state on the trip so far if I've counted right). Take a good look at the close-ups of the rock and you may be able to see rock climbers that were climbing the rock. We then went to Hulett, WY then back into South Dakota through Spearfish canyon and into legendary Deadwood, SD. Deadwood is a town that was a mining town in the 1800's and is now mostly casinos.

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