Day 2. Wednesday July 31, 2003

This day began with a good breakfast at Starkville cafe, downtown Starkville, MS, a real "small town USA". The sky was cloudy but we didn't think it was going to leak on us. Boy were we wrong! About 5 miles out of town  the bottom fell out and it rained on us almost all morning. The scooters are looking pretty nasty now. We finally rode into clear skies and made it to the mighty Mississippi River. I rinsed my hands off in it (would've waded in it but had too many clothes on), we took a couple of pictures and got back on the road. Just standing on the banks of the Mississippi was pretty awesome. Check out the trucks on the bridge crossing the river. They give a better perspective of the magnitude of the bridge and the river. Lunch was at "The Catfish Inn" in Hamburg, Arkansas. We then made a little jaunt down into Louisiana, just to take pictures of the sign (Raymond was nice enough to do it since I'd never been there). Night brings us to Sherman, Texas. I've ridden through some of the most beautiful country I've ever seen, that is other than the hills of the Carolinas.

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